EXSA Environmental Policy

The Exhibitions Association of SA (EXSA) is based at Gallaghar Estate, Midrand, and work together with the facility management team to reduce their environmental footprint at their office. Steadfast Greening did an eco audit for EXSA and assisted them with the development of their environmental policy.  The following environmental practices are implemented, whenever possible, while their members are encouraged to implement similar environmental practices and principles at their office, events and exhibitions.


Energy efficiency is encouraged through switching off appliances not required, such as turning off IT equipment overnight or lights when not needed. Preference is given to natural light and ventilation where possibly, while heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) is used mindfully. Some of the parking garages have motion-sensors for the lights. Boiling water is sourced from a hydroboil at a central kitchen.

Waste reduction:

Office paper usage is reduced through printing double sided. Members receive their monthly magazine electronically, while board members receive their meeting notes electronically. Office furniture is refurbished whenever possible. No bottled water is provided at the office, only tap water.

Waste management:

Paper recycling is done in all the offices, with additional back-of-house recycling for paper, tins, glass and plastic. Electronic waste (such as old computers, printer cartridges and toners) are collected for re-use and/or safe disposal. Hazardous waste (such as CFLs or batteries) are collected separately and disposed of safely.

Water conservation:

Use of potable (drinking) water at the office is done with care. All gardens are maintained by Gallaghar Estate. Eco Procurement: Consideration is given to the procurement of materials and services that do not harm the environment, including chemicals used for cleaning, printing, etc.


Gallaghar Estate is situated on the Gautrain service (train and bus) and the use of public transport is encouraged when possible.

EXSA is a founding member of the Event Greening Forum which aims to promote responsible eventing in South Africa.