Think Eat Save

The biggest day for positive action for the planet is once again upon us! This year, we are calling on every member of the growing global World Environment Day (WED) community to Think-Eat-Save.

WED 2013 will highlight the magnitude of the food waste concern and its humanitarian, economic and environmental implications to policy makers, other stakeholders, and to consumers worldwide.

About a third of global food production – equivalent to 1.3 billion tons – gets wasted and lost from farm to fork which means all the natural resources and inputs that have gone into their production and distribution are also squandered. This volume of waste is more than the total net food production of Sub-Saharan Africa, and it would be sufficient to feed the estimated 870 million people that go hungry in the world.

Together on WED we will raise the call for heightened awareness and immediate action to reduce food waste and loss across the food supply chain. And we need everybody to get involved – food producers, supermarkets, consumers, restaurants and hotel chains, schools, sports and other social clubs, company CEOs, city mayors, national and world leaders.


Visit the website and learn more about sustainable consumption; find ways to reduce food waste in your households, schools and offices and save money and the planet’s resources; discover a whole range of campaigns already ongoing worldwide to address the issue of food waste and join this growing movement.

Join the WED blogging competition for a chance to win a trip to this year’s host country to report live on WED celebrations there. Find out how to enter and win!

Declare 5 June as (Food) Waste-less day; conduct dialogues, symposia or student fairs on sustainable consumption; organize whatever you and your community would usually do that bring people from all walks of life together for the cause of the planet – community clean-ups, car-free days, marathons, public marches, photo competitions, exhibits, green petitions, and other nationwide green campaigns. Register all this on the WED website.

World Environment Day is the people’s day – it’s your day. Make your actions count and make WED 2013 the biggest global movement for the environment!

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