We do training and awareness raising on topics such as event greening, sustainable living at the office and home, as well as other related topics that are essential to ensure that the individual can realise the impact of all the different impacts of our actions.

We recognise that people implement change and we feel it is critical that people understand why they need to do things differently and what they can do to make a difference.   It is a fine balance between awareness and behavior of the individual, while influencing the cultural and systems of the collective.

We can either provide customised training on request, or do scheduled training workshops as outlined below.


There will be FREE half day workshops sponsored by the South African National Convention Bureau and linked to Meetings Africa, which will provide a good introduction to the how and why event greening is important

  • Cape Town – 29 January 2018
  • Johannesburg – 30 January 2018
  • Durban – 31 January 2018

Description of standard one day training session:  

A standard one day training session has been designed to teach you how to do event greening in a practical way. A comprehensive training schedule has been compiled to suit your busy lifestyle and we believe that it will be beneficial to you and your surrounding environment.

The training will include the following main elements, with local case studies:

  • What is event greening? What are the benefits and why is it important?
  • What are the main greening practices that need to be implemented – energy efficiency, waste reduction, eco procurement, transport co-ordination, energy efficiency and more
  • Why does it matter – climate change, global warming and carbon off-setting…
  • The section on practical implementation will include how to get started, the management principles and high impact areas that need to be considered.

The Event Greening Forum endorses the training and 10% discount is given to paid up members of the Event Greening Forum.  A certificate of attendance will be provided, with the endorsement of the Event Greening Forum.